Sonntag, 21. November 2010

Meat Loaf ---- Surf´s Up

Label:  RCA
Catalog #: JW-14141
Format: 12" Vinyl
Country:  US
Release: 1984
Side A: Surf´s Up   4:44
Side B: Surf´s Up (Edited Edition)   4:15
             Bad Attitude   4:53

Not For Sale


  1. Fantastic blog! Very helpfull. Thanks a lot!

  2. I thank YOU, Adje. Only because of your blog,
    I make this one, but you have the better one of us :) Thanks again
    you´re right, I´m from Germany

  3. Well the biggest Meat Loaf fans are from Germany (and the Netherlands).
    Thanks for the compliment. It's good to see more Meat Loaf Fan sites. And I mean it, I really like this blog. Seems a huge load of work! Keep it up my friend!