Sonntag, 25. September 2016

Meat Loaf ---- Braver Than We Are (Limited Amazon Exclusive Autographed Edition Vinyl)

Label:  429Records
Catalog #: FTN16148
Format: 12" Double Vinyl
Country: USA
Release: 16. Sep. 2016
Side 1:  Who Needs The Young    (5:27)          
              Going All The Way    (11:28)
                 (A Song in 6 Movements)
            Feat. Ellen Foley & Karla DeVito
Side 2:  Speaking In Tongues    (4:24)
                    Feat. Stacey Michelle
              Loving You Is A Dirty Job    (6:09)
                   (But Somebody´s Gotta Do It)
                           Feat. Stacey Michelle
Side 3:  Souvenirs    (8:17)
              Only When I Feel    (1:56)
              More    (6:07)
Side 4:  Godz    (3:34)
              Skull Of Your Country    (3:35)
                         Feat. Cian Coey
              Train of Love    (4:23)

Original Signed By Meat Loaf

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