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Popcorn Blizzard ---- Michigan Mixture Volume I

In 1990, both Popcorn Blizzard songs were published on the "Michigan Mixture Volume 1" bootleg LP. This is a rare compilation album, of rare 60's singles by Michigan garage and psych rock groups.

Label: Clinging Hysteria
Catalog #: 
Format: 12" Vinyl
Country: US
Release: 1990
Side 1:
Up - Just Like An Aborigine
Sweet Cherry - Eight Day Blues
Pitche Blende - My World Has Stopped
The Glass Sun - Silence Of The Morning
Dick Rabbit - You Come On Like A Train 
Popcorn Blizzard - Once Upon A Time
Sweet Cherry - Funny Things Floating
Side 2:
She Devils - Red The Signpost
Renaissance Fair - In Wyrd
The Orange Wedge - From The Womb To The Tomb
Up - Hassan I Sabbah
Dick Rabbit - Take Me To L.A.
Pitche Blende - Stop 
Popcorn Blizzard - Hello
The Glass Sun - Stick Over Me

Bootleg LP
black and white cover 

available also as CD since March 2012
Label: Particles
Catalog #: 
Format: 2x CD
Country: Europe
Release: 2012

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