Montag, 6. Dezember 2010

STUDIO ALBUMS ---- Hang Cool Teddy Bear

Label:  Mercury
Catalog #: 2734100
Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl
Country:  Europe
Release: 2010
Side A: Piece on earth
             Living on the outside
             Los Angeloser
Side B: If I can´t have you
              Love is not real /
              Next time you stab me in the back
              Like a rose
Side A: Song of madness
              Did you ever love somebody
              California isn´t big enough (Hey there girl)
Side B: Running away from me
              Let´s be in love
              If it rains
              Elvis in Vegas         


Label:  Mercury
Catalog #: 2734097
Format: CD
Country:  Europe
Release: 2010

same songs like above

Label:  Mercury
Catalog #: 273 5112
Format: 2 x CD
Country:  Europe
Release: 2010
CD 1: same songs like above
CD 2: Casa De Carne Live Album
I want you so hard -  Helsinki
Break It - Nottingham
Blind as a Bad - Norfolk
Amnesty is grantd - Berlin
Rock and Roll Dreams - Hamburg
Anything for Llove - Cork
Two out of three - Youngstown
Bat out of Hell - New York
Roadhouse Blues - Bergen
Why don´t we do it in the road - Bergen

Hard Back Book Style
32 page Booklet

Label:  Mercury
Catalog #: 2735104
Format: 2xCD, 1xDVD
Country:  Europe
Release: 2010
CD´s like above
DVD containing live performance footage and 'Meat and Rob's Double Talk'.

also included:
HCTB T-Shirt
Metal Key Ring
Album Art Print
and Los Angeloser Music sheet

Label:  Roadrunner
Catalog #:
Format: 1xCD
Country:  US
Release: 2010

CD-R Acetate

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